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Letter to Members
Posted On: Oct 16, 2020

Dear Member,

IBEW 2325 is continually trying new ways to keep our members informed; especially with issues that directly impact you.

On July 21st, the National Labor Relations Board, seriously hampered a steward’s ability to represent workers fairly.  Previously, while engaged, stewards and management were considered equals, neither was subordinate to the other.  The NLRB restricted the way a steward can act during the grievance process. A steward could now be disciplined for asking questions that management views as aggressive or offensive. So, not only would the member receive suppressed representation, but the steward could also need union representation in the next meeting. This ruling will have a chilling effect on the workplace.

This board has issued a series of significant decisions weakening worker protections under the National Labor Relations Act (NLRA/Act). Below are just a few examples.

Making it more dangerous to go to work: To get rid of “onerous” safety regulations, Trump has gotten rid of several OSHA safety standards and reduced the number of investigations that OSHA is taking part in. The result has been an increase in workplace deaths.

Support for ‘Right-to-Work’: This law is possibly the biggest threat to unions. A National Right-to-Work law has been introduced in the Senate and Trump has announced that if it comes to his desk, he will sign it. No supporter of Labor would support “right-to-work.”

Proposes ending federal pensions: In Trump’s 2019 budget he proposed massive cuts to federal workers including ending their defined benefits pension plan and freezing wages. 

This administration has been waging a strategic, albeit quiet war against organized labor. These actions do not make the front page or the nightly news but are devastating to our families. Our IBEW brothers and sisters have come together many times over the years to fight for and defend our rights. Thanks to our unity, we have won improved wages and working conditions and made gains that all working people deserve. We are asking you to see through the rhetoric and realize the harm that this administration has done to the labor movement and our futures. Let’s use the power of voting to make sure he doesn’t get another 4 more years in office.

IBEW 2325 encourages you to VOTE for JOE BIDEN on November 3rd

IBEW local 2325
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