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Central Massachusetts Telephone Workers
February 19, 2018
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9-17-10 update
Posted On: Sep 17, 2010

As a result on the Agreement between the Union & the Company on releasing oversubscriptions & non surplus volunteers a process for in title canvassing and bids have begun. Surplus titles are receiving canvass sheets for job openings in New England specifically in your own title. This procedure is the first step of the agreement that will move members within their own title.  These positions will be awarded to surplus locations first, they will also be awarded in local before leaving the local. Once again this step is strictly within title. If you choose a position now you will not be able to choose an opening later on. The only exceptions to this will be openings in the Toll assigner, Automotive Mechanics and Building Mechanics titles. These positions will be offered to everyone.

When in title canvassing concludes next week. The remaining jobs will then be released in a bid process. This process will allow members to bid jobs in other job titles and will also be awarded to surplus first, then to  non surplus titles. An important note to keep in mind for all members is that there is no forcing done in any of these procedures. All jobs are voluntary and you are not obligated to pick a job even if you are surplus.
If you are in a title that did not receive canvass sheets, the reason for this is that your title in not surplus. You will have an opportunity at positions when we move on to a bid procedure.
If any member volunteers in any of these canvasses, I highly suggest you keep a copy of your canvass sheet and a transmittal report of the fax. This will allow us to clear up any faxes that get lost.
If you have any questions on any of these procedures please call this office.

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